Building stronger bonds among US…

When I consider becoming more actively joined with others of similar heart, similar mind, I help myself avoid disappointment by first realizing that no one anywhere is the same as me, or anyone else. Any truly thinking individual, engaged-in-making-their-lives-work, who is grounded in the reality of his/her own life, is living a somewhat different reality than mine. When we come together to speak, even on Facebook or Twitter, we often speak from where we are as these individuals living particular circumstances right here and now. This means we may well initially speak and relate from apparently different “places.” We may short-circuit our many opportunities to join forces of greater substance..crossing bridges of deeper understanding … and learning how to better conserve and preserve America’s inherent resourcefulness, unless we find ways to simply keep showing up together.

Our places change as we live and grow along the days, months, years, and decades of life’s stages. When we don’t acknowledge those facts of life upfront before conversation or dialogue, we can be tempted to think we think and will behave more differently than we actually would were we walking the same road in the same shoes at the same stage of life. When we feel too different from another in our groups, we’re tempted to use “lesser” labels to separate ourselves from them.

Besides all the differences already identified here, someone can express/sound different from us because s/he is simply afraid of the calumny ready to be heaped upon them by Organized LIARs so plentiful in our communities, in television programming, and social media today. Raised on a mentality of the end justifies the means, their thinking and speaking is bred on lies. They travel in packs for protection and power. They feed on division, separating individuals from any possible protecting community.

For the most part human beings who “hunker down” into a way of being politically correct act to protect themselves by being non-committal …”see nothing, hear nothing, do nothing.” They are ducking real -not imagined- attacks by those who build their identities on bullying others. A lesser form of such “playing it safe” but just as damaging to union is appeasement, silence, and/or using the old worn-out ways of trying to “get along.”

The go-along to get along I’m referring to mostly grew up in the sixties when all hell broke loose around normal protesting that morphed into bandwagon-anarchy, especially on campuses where young people crave causes bigger than themselves. Our parents’ generation (whose teen years were cut short by a war requiring them to sacrifice immediate pleasure for adult responsibilities) was in shock. At the behest of “Progressive Permissive’s” our wiser but puzzled parents tried to get along with all the marxist-communist ruckus-making anarchy using behind-the-scenes-means we in fact see today in the “occupy-type” “Ferguson rioters-looters” and mob-assemblies of rashly-informed recruits. Angry mobs without jobs …devoid of self-esteem…ready to pounce on someone, anyone…incited to act-out their anger through behaviors that threaten anyone else…all others who are actually working to build their personalized American Dream. Remember it’s easy to burn, riot, rage, give in to our animal nature…with destruction by fire, looting, or flooding the floors of NYC Macy’s with their pretend-to-be-dead bodies.

So many unemployed, under-employed, mis-employed young adults in our nation now are simply easily bamboozled ready-to-explode puppets of the rapidly aging dusted-off, aging, re-costumed thugs from the sixties (elite white boys like Bill Ayres pandering to ghetto black boys like Eric Holder…by obama’s financial standards they are “boys” till they are 26 years old living with mommy…maybe a daddy too). So pray they realize quickly that the DNC doesn’t practice “appeasement” because they believe it makes any significant positive changes…DNC’ers model and advocate appeasement BECAUSE IT FURTHERS CHAOS …and fear of chaos….AND THEN the DNC ( leadership) CAPITALIZES on CHAOS by VICTIMIZING minority & middle class achievers BROADLY…Alinskies & islamists organize RIOTS, threaten DESTRUCTION, destroy hard-working minority middle class BUSINESSES, and motivation to recover, achieve, succeed once again….as the original DEMOCRAT-KKK used lynching, looting, and burning to pinch the thriving spirit out of anyone who ROSE ABOVE THE REST way back THEN (poor black and white, and Catholics).

Same tactics the DNC uses NOW as the Democrat Party has progressively become infested by marxists, official card-carrying communists, and now islamists…yes, we SEE the wanna-be Palestinian-thugs among the looters, arsonists, rioters…the Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam-thugs waging civilization jihad UNDER THE GUISE of just cause. There is no just cause for inciting riots, destroying innocent people, hiding and minimizing criminality to excuse more criminal behavior…Obama’s attempts to legitimize a back-door Sharpton making money off the spreading and inciting of msNBC lies. His fabrications masquerade as “nightly news.”

Nothing new here…simply underground-grown drag-alongs from the ’60’s …the likes of Bill Ayres … ten years underground, a anarchy-terrorist-elite white boy getting off on technicalities. The word progressive is an anomaly when we acknowledge that the most badly run state in our union hired Bill Ayres as one of their university professors instead of serving a profoundly-deserved prison term.

So understanding (and articulation) the nuts and bolts of how some among US got their current “stripes” helps US join together to better support the restoring of our relatively young but uniquely designed according to PRINCIPLES that lead US to antidotes…solutions….and the gathering of resourceful ways to invite advances in moral reasoning among ourselves, and among widely diverse populations, both legally and illegally here.

With advances in this vast network of people’s moral reasoning come advances in their courage to stand more firmly on PRINCIPLES THAT CONSERVE INHERENT God-Given RESOURCES peopling this resoundingly unique nation of every color, shape, size, and ethnicity welcomed through lawful ways under our inspired Constitution. Instead of continuing divisive ways of the DNC that polarize feelings, limit thoughts, and shut down all but pre-conscripted party-line conversations, let US acknowledge our common bond.

I believe that our wide range of conservatives, libertarians, Tea Party Republicans, Frederick Douglass Republicans, and older, more traditional Republicans share an outlook I think of as “Resourcefulness Conservationists.” We systematically prefer to conserve resources human, natural, and human-designed. We prefer taking the time to ensure we’ve mindfully investigated steps in programs and policies , rather than pushing sweeping policies that bring hosts of debilitating unforeseen consequences of varied kinds … costs to individuals’ freedoms to pursue the American Dream lawfully, our children’s safety & education, and the security of our nation along with its ability to protect borders and allies. We prefer ways that don’t overspend, that keep institutions manageable, transparent, and accountable to their designed purpose, and we recognize evil exists in the world and must be reckoned with firmly, promptly, and insightfully.

LET US TAKE A LONG HARD LOOK at the issues surrounding the disagreements we are of course going to encounter …seeking all the while areas of agreement among basically aligned minds and hearts. May we PRAY for ways that serve as invitations among ourselves first finding areas of agreement… and then work from there. Let us strive to advance in moral reasoning by challenging each others’ likely bits of blindness, descents into fear, and perhaps a long or short series of sins (omission or commission) scattered along anyone’s way to where we find ourselves now.

This is where a little FORGIVENESS comes a long way to bringing US TOGETHER again and again…wiser, stronger, more firmly committed to RESTORING AMERICA TOGETHER. Let our conversations begin…and may we keep showing up so that our conversations continue…and so does America. As Pamela Geller is known to remind US, “You won’t like what follows America.”

Is the key to our survival the speculation of women?


ken1In no way do I want to insinuate that only women are to blame. Men are responsible for what they do too. Government programs, the media in all of its various abilities, are also responsible… But to see this, to understand this, all of it must be laid on the table. It is the only way to fully understand it, and if you think it valuable, to reach out and change it.

The speculation of women


American Free Press Photoshop by Ken LaRive


Seems like many other institutions, from war for profit, intolerant and condescending religions, to the dominate control that government plays in our lives and very spirit, doing what is right with a loving heart will set a precedence, and others will emulate your good intentions. Yes, by doing good, others will take up your standard and imitate it, one at a time… but a mean and ignorant spirit will be emulated too… and as it takes far less effort to perfect, and has become a growing cancer in our new Socialistic/Progressive world.

The miracle that is woman… intuition

Anyone who has ever been married to a woman knows first hand what speculation is, and it has little to do with the formal definition, i.e., The forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.

Call it what you will, an educated guess, a hypothetical synopsis, a conjectural affirmation, a supposition or presupposition, or perhaps a surmised opinion, but all of these descriptions would fall short in an accurate analysis of a woman’s speculative power. It is a true mystery, indeed, an enigma, and every person who ever had a mother knows of that precognitive connection to something akin to magic. Some even suggest it to be a supernatural ability, and it has confused and confounded all scientific scrutiny to describe it.

Like invisible lines of force, perhaps an ability to actually tap into the cosmic plasma of reality, a woman can predict the future, influence the present by sheer will, can see into the great vast myriad of random past possibilities, and choose the one most likely to occur in the future. Somewhere in this prediction, in most every case, is an element of fearful concern. A mother’s fear seems to be the catalyst that can connect the dots, to see the hand before it is played, to actually light a dark future path with a conclusive volition of certainty, and all of it designed as a survival technique. It isn’t a base fear I am referring to, but a kind of fear that is so profound it can not truly be described, as there is nothing stronger than the Love between a woman and her child, and so too for everything she holds dear…And, without a singular doubt, it has lit the mind of men. Take a look around at the men who do not take this amazing gift to heart, and you will find vast and empty space inside of their shells, shadows of what they could be…

Sure, no real way to prove, or show it on a graft, nor is there a statistic of any substance… but we all know that her cognitive ability saved our lives many times. Not only was this gift evident in her eyes, a recognition we learned at her knee, but it permeated from her from morning till night without fail, and could actually float above us like a guiding spirit, even in the middle of the night and far far away…

But I must admit: Some women have been twisted by strong willed, dominating, and unhappy men, and they have responded in like kind. There is a special kind of hate that a woman of this kind produces, and it is called vindictiveness. A vindictive woman has lost her loving will, and displaced it with slow, malicious, and evil intent. They are, in many cases, a product of mean spirited men in their lives, from fathers to husbands… and they fight back with bitterness, resentment, and rancor. And so twisted, they actually revel in the pain of others, some of it they actually inflict, well hidden by deceit.

But there is another kind of women who relish in their speculative gifts… Though fear, in and of itself, may seem negative, when it is mixed with another powerful and primary force, Love (Agape, or selfless Love), they move together as one magical elixir. Could this singular element be the key to her amazing ability, the constant of Love? And what of some men today, who estimates what a man is by the number of conquests he has had, and all of it based on lies and deceit, without honor or responsibility. Isn’t it a woman who teaches them what and who they are, the actual potential of what they can be? A vindictive woman, a jilted woman, builds walls around her mind because of a constant pain she can not extinguish, and in the process pushes and pulls those around her, to fulfill her needs with selfish motivations, and all of it designed by boundaries… Boundaries she creates by the bones of conquest…

We all have our parts to play in this confusing and convoluted world. Men and women are indeed two pieces of the same puzzle, and yet it seems that this ability, just as the strength of a creative spirit that permeates from our hearts, are dwindling fast. In one generation the differences we once held precious, are actually akin to our very survival as a species, and is dissipating in one social experiment after another. B.F. Skinner would be jumping for joy, as his mice studies have mirrored the very breakdown of our society. And yes, metaphorically, some are now eating there babies.

Where once women looked to marry a man who could provide for her family, was genetically superior and healthy. or was deemed by her to posses inordinate survival skills, many of the new kind of experimental woman seek a man who can posses a soft (so called) feminine side… a sensitive side based on emotion, as promoted by the silver screen and the black box. Fitting together as one is not their goal, but dominance and control is. Rolls that were typical and innate to men and women just a generation ago… are, in many cases, entirely reversed. Responsibility is devolving into a collective mindset, at conventionality at war with forms of social orthodoxy that took eons to develop, and some to prefect, are now disregarded as out of date.

Love is understood to now mean lust, self responsibility to selfishness, motivation to achieve is anti- social and unfair, and truth is found in the eye of the beholder where anything goes. And as we battle, 3100 abortions are performed every single day, we have more incarcerations than any other country on the planet because rules are profitable, sex is promoted to be perverse and yet is the number one selling tool, government intrusion into our lives give us constant trauma, designed to justify their ability to take away Liberty. And all of it tied together like a gift, for corporate profit, a black bottom line without a moral compass.

The losses are horrifying to a Libertarian, as we see this systemic failure of individual responsibility as designed, one mandate after another, in increments undetectable by the average person so involved in every day activities. It becomes a structure, and on it are nailed mindless pacifists, intolerant, self-centered, perfect fodder for a system that produces, by indoctrination, cookie-cut minds, easily controlled. Women, who spend an hour in front of the mirror, shop in a super market where over 80 percent of the products they buy, to feed their family, are unhealthy if eaten on a regular basis. They can not tell you what the national debt is, or have even a remedial understanding of what a Republic based on law is, and the rote and cant of their limited and uninspired education is soon forgotten as frivolous… as are their counterparts, the new metro-sexual men.

In no way do I want to suggest that men do not have their own form of survival speculation, or that women no longer have their speculative ability, but that both are being systematically, and quite possibly irreconcilably destroyed.

Where once they motivated their men to hunt for food, now many abhor this practice to be barbaric, and sympathetic to the plight of a Bambi-like entity who cowers in fear deep in the foreboding woods crying to its mama, where critters like spiders, snakes, mosquitoes, tics and fleas and flies, heat and cold, permeates inhospitably. And it isn’t as if they have quit the use of eating meat, but that the process of that kill is found too close to their microcosm of borders. Borders that grow taller and stronger with each passing day in their lives, boundaries prescribed to them not from the inside out by a classical education, but by propaganda and scientifically formulated advertisement, with all of that point-of-sale directed right at them, an open vessel… an empty container needing fulfillment.

Divorce is up from 60 to 80 percent, depending on the color of your skin, and children out of wedlock hold about the same number. Some men no longer know how to even greet a woman, and a simple kiss on the cheek becomes awkward. A smile is interpreted by some as a come-on, because their minds are cluttered with false speculations… created by insensitive “new men”, and the tipping of a hat or opening a door forgotten and unappreciated. Words like chivalry, gallantry, valor, heroism, honor, and respect, is lost by new and meaningless games of social confusion, and all of the muddiness is produced by a media mindset, where Black Friday and a January white sale become an every-day mentality, and women… who once would multitask an entire household, drives to the corner market for a frozen pizza or TV dinner while listening to the radio. She cracks her window and displays her cigarette with a perfectly manicured and delicate hand that has known no physical work, because she does not want to stink up her new car, …and her lungs are not much considered, because she thinks that she is can beat all odds. And as she paints her eyes in the rear view mirror, speeds and zing-zags while texting, she is no longer guided by a nurturing force for goodness and self awareness that we old men remember. Instead, she displays an overt disdain, an arrogant demeanor, as she uses the lust of the new men as her personal power over them. Yes, I remember it well… Once taught to take a strong stance against the advances of a young man’s libido, they now attempt to match it with the same verve, as they see others doing in the great wasteland, their true god.

Because their speculation is no longer based on unselfish concern and Love, but a nature of selfish needs, the outcome is given in like kind. It is a universal law, the law of cause and effect, as what you sow you will reap, and the questions we once asked this life are, to them, now demands, as if everything is self-balanced, fair, free, and deserved. Without a pure and loving speculation from women, who were, and still are, the very cornerstones of our society, men are blind. And without strong men of value, so too are women… Perhaps, and I dare to say… our ancestors, who braved an uncertain and dangerous world arm and arm, might have had the true magical mixture, where men and women actually reveled in their differences. Here we find ourselves in a wondrous world, and few appreciate it…

There is no clear-cut method I can see to reverse this trend. The force we have to oppose is vast and powerful, with bright colored lights that dazzle a suggestive mind… but then there are some among us who still remember, when men were men, and women were…

A good partner…

And I will continue to open doors, to put women and children on pedestals with awe and respect, to tip my hat with a smile, and to put my arm out as a gesture of chivalry… that the new woman considers to be a trap of male dominance. I still walk on the the street side, and as we walk together, I will have her hand on my arm, perfectly balanced, and there is a certain amount of comfort as we walk in the French Quarter. She knows that I would die for her, and she considers me true, tested, capable, and trustworthy… and the new men know this too, and move out of our way without understanding… and under my coat I carry a 9mm, as some things do not change, and I consider myself on constant guard duty, just as the men of old must have been, so I’ve been told, so long ago. I have been married to a real woman of speculation, for nearly 43 years, and I am so honored, lucky really, to have found her. But I had the ability to see her from across the room when she was just 14, and we have been together ever since…

Author’s note: I’m finished “The Robber Barrons” by Mathew Josephson, (holy cow), and have started “The Presidency of John F. Kennedy” by Herbert S. Parmet, who has brought tears to my eyes from the very first page… Know your past, and you will know the direction you wish to take in the future. And oh, one other thing, or two: Change does not always mean for the better. Don’t vote for a person because of the color of his skin, but what he is inside, but you won’t know him unless you take the time to study. Trust no one with you mind, and immortal soul. Different does not mean better, and if you dress like a clown you should not be surprised when people laugh. The reason I never got a tat is a simple one… I could not think of one symbol strong enough to outlast me, and what kind of person would want to go through life with the face of Micky Mouse on their arm… and the Chinese symbols on your neck? Well, this world has a place for everyone… And I’ll have a pickle with my hamburger please. Thanks for listening, and good hunting.

Women are the conscience of men. Do you understand that concept? A hundred years ago most everyone knew this… I am not referring to our conscious ability, our self-awareness, but conscience, our moral compass. When women lose that ability, society falls, and dominant men, evil in intent, will take control. Take a look at your world, and you will see it to.

Ken LaRive




Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 4:00 am

As you celebrate this Independence Day, I would like to remind you of a little known patriot of the American Revolution.

Every United States citizen knows that on July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress, With John Hancock as President, approved the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. This Congress met in Philadelphia in the Pennsylvania State House (now known as Independence Hall) in Philadelphia.

But two years earlier, in September of 1774, the First Continental Congress met in Carpenters Hall in Philadelphia. To put this in perspective, this was still six months prior to the initial combat in the Revolutionary War at the battles of Lexington and Concord in April of 1775. It was also still five months before Patrick Henry would give his speech that is remembered for his closing words of: “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

Can you imagine 56 men gathered together to discuss treason? If you were to get 55 of your friends together today to discuss insurrection against the current government would you post it on Facebook? I suspect that while you would want to gather support for your cause, you would also desire to remain unknown to the government.

With these thoughts in mind, who stepped forward to be the President of the First Continental Congress? This man is my favorite unknown patriot. He was elected as President of the Second Continental Congress also, but died and was succeeded by John Hancock. If he had not died, most Americans would know his name. It is most likely that he would have signed the Declaration of Independence first instead of John Hancock.

He was born in 1721 into a prominent family in Virginia. He was admitted to the bar in 1743 and was active in politics thereafter until his death. He was a patriot of the Revolution, and most assuredly would have been hanged by the British if he had been captured. His name was Peyton Randolph.

I will leave you with a question to ponder. Why do we celebrate July 4th as Independence Day? True independence was gained on Sept. 3, 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Palin


Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Palin
by Lynda

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” –Declaration of Independence as originally written by Thomas Jefferson, 1776.

How as a nation have we come so far from those words? The words are clear “government derives their powers from the consent of the governed.”

When we as the governed stand up and speak out we are called “right wing nuts who are holding to our bibles and guns, crazy, and un-American “, so far away from Jefferson’s words.

Over the years we the people have elected men and women, who when asking for our vote seem to have read the words of Thomas Jefferson but in time they forget that they govern for us not in spite of we the people. They no longer want to listen nor feel that we have the right to speak out and when we do we are called un-American as if our opinion no longer matters.

But, a lady named Sarah Palin not only read but understood the words. She believed as did Jefferson that our Creator had endowed use with inherent and inalienable rights; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But more than that she understood that to secure those rights the power of the government most come from the consent of its people, not the other way around and if we lost that we would be the generation that would tell our grandchildren about an America that was but is no more.

Sarah Palin like Ezekiel has chose to obey God and in her on way has become like him a street preacher; no matter what she wakes to face each day she does not allow anyone or any situation to stop her from speaking because she knows that she has listened and obeyed her God and with that knowledge she can speak to and for the people. With Jefferson’s words and her trust in God she speaks and I listen as I would have listened to Ezekiel the “street preacher”.


by Mark David Shaw M.T.S.
Restore America Together Network
Executive National Director
Tea Party Conservatives for Freedom

mdssmallThe erosion of foundations is how an enemy takes power and control when using a long term plan.  Erode the foundations upon which something is built and it will crumble.  Erode the foundations upon which this nation was founded, fundamental change is possible.  Erode the foundations of history, evil can then be repeated.  Look at how each one of these foundations are being destroyed.  Add to that Christianity and you have a recipe for failure.

Let us begin with history.  Why would it be necessary to hide or eliminate certain events in history?  History provides a clear mirror to the future.  It reveals where mankind has gone wrong and where mankind has got it right.   By looking at and analyzing history, we can see how to go forward, what to protect, and what to guard against. Case in point, the religious beliefs of our founders.

The founding of this country was presided over by a group of men, most of which were adherents to the Christian faith.  They used the tenants of this faith to form their reason for separation from Great Britain.  In the Declaration of Independence they chronicled the grievances the colonies had against the motherland.  The foundation or basis of these grievances was the Christian God of the bible.  God was invoked and rights were addressed.

The purpose in undermining these things can be found in the desire to fundamentally change our government system.  Why get rid of our historic foundations?  What happens when citizen Joe does not know that he has inalienable rights to freedom, life, and property?  Those things can be taken away.  There can be only one reason why revisionists want to paint our founders in a different palate; it is to do harm to the American citizen.  Otherwise, they would trumpet the founding of our country.

Let’s look at another historic event that is under fire.  This event is not even that far behind us.  I am speaking of the Holocaust.  Toxic skinheads, Arian white supremacists, and Islamists all claim that the Holocaust never happened and that it is all a fabrication of the Jew.  What would be the reason for these groups to dismiss this very well documented event in history?  There can only be one answer.  So that harm can again come the Jewish people.  That is the common thread that runs through each of the aforementioned groups.

The reason is the same, change the history so that you can change the culture that will accept what you want to do.  This is true no matter what segment of society you want to undermine. Finally, the erosion of Christianity is the most dangerous of them all.  Again, why would anyone want to erode Christianity?  Let’s take a step back for a bit.

Do you see a concentrated effort to erode Islam?  Do you see an attempt to erode New Ageism?  Do you see a concentrated effort to erode Buddhism?   Do we see people trying to destroy Hinduism?  What is it about Christianity that it attracts people who will go to such lengths to undermine its premise?  Judeo/Christianity alone provides a systematic, uncompromising, non-contradicting way of acting as a standard to measure the actions of all people.

Remove that standard of measure and anything goes.  What would be the standard upon which each person could measure the actions of another if you remove the biblical moral code?  It would have to be based in each individual’s definition of morality.  When each individual gets to make up their own rules because there is no other transcendent standard to appeal to, any action can be justified.

The importance of an unchanging code of behavior upon which we judge the actions of ourselves and others cannot be understated.  The necessity of a transcendent God becomes a clear beam of light that reveals, that shows us the path upon which we are to walk.   Are we so sure we want to scrap the Almighty God and His wisdom as a means to know the reality of sin and darkness?  Look at history, the one that has not been revised.  You will find it replete with good and evil.  But only if you measure the actions by that inescapable intuitive knowledge of good and evil that was placed in all human beings by an all knowing Creator to guide them on a path to blessing.

Only the forces of evil and darkness would want to undermine that foundation.  Know thy enemy, and know him well.  Never take your eye off of them, never assume they have seen the light.  They are ruthless, for they only abide by the rules they make for themselves.  That ancient biblical text still lives and breathes upon our consciences today and it too warns us to be careful with those who do what is right in their own eyes.

The Utilitarian

by Mark David Shaw M.T.S.
Restoring America Together Network
Executive National Director
Tea Party Conservatives For Freedom

mdssmallBeliefs matter!  They can do harm or they can do good.  Behind every action is a belief that generated that action.  There has been a wholesale attempt to remove critical thinking skills from the American public.  First and foremost among them is “you cannot judge.”  This statement alone has done more damage to our culture than nearly anything I can think of.  It has produced a culture that thinks their individual opinions are off limits and cannot be judged by others.  Well, I am about to judge.

I am going to be doing a series of short videos on Saul Alinsky and the book he authored titled “Rules for Radicals.”  Many of you are aware that it appears that the tactics found in this book have been employed by the radical left and have been effective in making conservatives appear to be what they are not.  Before I study a person’s writings, I study the person who is writing.  I don’t just need to know what they say, but why they are saying it.  This allows for a critical analysis of their writing. Case in point is Saul Alinsky.

Saul Alinsky’s philosophy is utilitarianism.  This system of belief states that whatever brings the greatest amount of happiness to the greatest amount of people is what should be employed. This belief also crosses into pragmatism. Whereas utilitarianism is the doctrine that the end of all action should be the greatest happiness of the greatest number[1], pragmatism stresses practical consequences as constituting the essential criterion in determining meaning, truth, or value.[2] Both of these positions are not concerned with the morality of an issue.  It might make me happy to have a new car, but stealing that new car would be immoral.

What does all of this mean?  It means that a person who is a utilitarian or a pragmatist will likely believe that the end always justifies the means used to achieve that end.  When you remove morality as a driving factor this is the type of belief system you wind up with.  This is what is wrong with the Democratic Party.  They are employing these utilitarian and pragmatic methods for all Americans.  This is how it works.  By making the most people happy, you get the most votes which maintains your hold on power.  This is the real “reason” behind these methods.

What if there is a large number of people who want affordable health care?  What if another group of people want amnesty?  You can see where I am going.  It matters nothing to the utilitarian that it is immoral to take from one group of people to provide for another group of people.  This is what socialists do.  It also matters not to the Democrat that it is immoral to reward people for breaking the law.  This is what utilitarianism produces.  Those Democrats that engage in immoral processes to accomplish their goals are actually a strange breed of neo-utilitarians.  These neo-utilitarians espouse an end that is divorced from their own reasoning.  For instance, they claim that compassionate humanism is the end they are driving for in giving millions of illegal aliens amnesty.  The truth however, is that the actual end they seek is to produce an environment where the Democrat will maintain their power in government by eliciting that group’s votes.  Perhaps others are unwilling to state the obvious, but I will.  The Democratic Party is morally bankrupt!  One only needs to watch the means they employ to achieve their end goals.

The good news is that utilitarianism is self collapsing.  What the Democrats seem to miss is that by trying to make the most number of people happy they are merely temporarily making them happy.  As the consequence of their means of achieving that goal kicks in, many others are then made unhappy by those same actions.  This is the precipice upon which we find current political sentiment.  I was speaking to a college kid the other day who said, “I am voting all Republican this time.  I just can’t seem to get ahead.”  That is the consequence to neo-utilitarianism.






The American Spirit

The American Spirit. A very rare, powerful thing at it’s best. It has been tried and tested to the highest degrees. Those who contain that wild spirit are often called crazy. Most recently they’ve been called racist, extremist…among other “colorful” terms. At best, the American Spirit is something you just can’t extinguish.

Think about it. It isn’t just about fighting or protesting big government. America has always been the first responder when it comes to international tragedy. Be it a natural disaster, war strife or poverty. You name it, we’ve been there to help with recovery. We’re one of the only nations with the capabilities of providing large amounts of humanitarian aid, and we don’t blink an eye at providing it. Because it’s what we do. Americans, at heart, are very generous. However, I must say, we are very tenacious and aggressive when we have to be.

There comes a point in time when we as Americans need to stop fixing the world’s problems and solve our own. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with helping others. We, as a nation, are crippled though. Our rights are being stripped away because of global distractions. The administration knows we have big hearts, and they’re taking advantage of it. This is where we need to tap in to that aggressive side and fight back. We can’t just allow the government, along with the rest of the world, pin us in a corner. No, we’re better than that. There was a time where Americans would be like a German Shepherd protecting it’s master from harm. We would tirelessly pursue who hurt our family, and inflict harm on them. Not anymore, instead, we arm them and train them. What happened to us? Have we become so numb to the world that we don’t notice that it has driven a dagger into our back? What will it take for us to stop retreating and reload? When will we stop letting people just walk on us? We are Americans! We’re stronger, smarter, faster and better than that!

Americans, the real American, we are a rare breed in this world. Back before this administration painted us as weak and apologetic, we were feared and respected. Now? Now we are the laughing stock of the world. What happened to the fighting spirit we had before? Did we get complacent? I think we did. Scratch that, I know we did. We got cozy in our American homes, American jobs…..going out and practicing American traditions. We lost sight of what that spirit really represents. Strength, courage, power, grace, tenacity and ambition. No one dared to disrespect America or inflict harm on her. Wake up America, if we don’t fight now, we will never be able to turn this ship around.